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Who We Are

At Impassion, we are your cultural interpreters for the digital world. Our team is made up of technologists, new media professionals, and cultural experts. 

Impassion is made up of two companies, Impassion Media, founded in March 2012 in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and Impassion Afghanistan (IA), an Afghan-owned company AISA-registered as of March 2013.

Impassion Media focuses on ethnography and technology-based communications across America, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific. We have trained a publicly-traded U.S. based oil and gas company in social media monitoring; contributed to social impact case studies for a Fortune 500 Mining Company in Mongolia; consulted on media relations strategy for an open government initiative in Nepal; and created a strategic communications plan for a multinational pharmaceutical company based in China.

Impassion Afghanistan, meanwhile, focuses on Afghanistan and Central Asia. As a proud Afghan company, IA is the country’s first digital ad agency. We combine experience in media, communications, and technology with Afghanistan-specific local, regional, and cultural expertise to create innovative communications campaigns. IA is a niche firm with specialized skills and a unique approach to technology, communications, and research.


What We Do

Impassion designs online and offline solutions to help governments, businesses, and communities engage in the networked world. We combine sophisticated data analysis with local, regional, and cultural expertise to provide new insights into your target audience and create the most effective social and mobile campaigns. We do this through:

1)   Ethnographic fieldwork – We conduct deep interviews, participant observation, multi-sited studies, digital/virtual ethnography, and ethnographic triangulation. This immersive approach provides nuanced insights into underlying behaviors and motivations, as well as the best way to engage communities.

2)  Social listening – We map influence networks, monitor keywords and trends, track the impact of events, and analyze sentiments online and off – all in the target community’s language, providing an accurate, timely overview of social conversations.

3)  Influencer Relations – With IA’s extensive social networks, we manage and cultivate relationships with the key influencers that matter most. From prominent journalists and media outlets to vocal bloggers and Internet users, we identify, engage, and influence the right influencers, maximizing the impact and reach of our campaigns.

4)  Experiential Marketing – Through festivals, pop-up events, contests, street campaigns, and more, we create interactive and immersive marketing experiences that will create a deep impression, and generate maximum conversation and buzz.

5)  Mobile tech initiatives – We crowd-source data, run mobile (SMS, app, and IVR)-based campaigns, and lead participatory engagement projects. By leveraging the world’s most widespread communications tool, the mobile phone, we ensure that campaigns have the widest reach possible.

6)  Social media strategy and management – We design social media strategies and campaigns; tailor online messaging; identify the best platforms, including local social networks; and create content for blogs and social networks.

7)  Data visualization – Using creative infographics, we present our data in the most accessible, meaningful, and actionable manner for key decision-makers.


Email: salaam@impassion.co

Twitter: @impassionmedia

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